Over 120 years of know-how at your disposal.

What We do

Our working process and services include: Print Consultancy, Budgeting, Material, Process and Format Analysis, Production Sourcing, Scheduling and Delivery Mapping.

What do we print?

At Maar Printing Service we can print just about anything you can dream up; direct mail pieces, annual reports, magazines, corporate brochures, pocket folders and self published books, with die cuts, foils, laminations and metallic inks. You name it, we can help you print it.


We are a G7 Master Printer with a G7 Master Qualification which is granted to a physical facility, equipment and systems. This is not just a certification, it is a qualification.



Staccato Screening

For extraordinarily fine image detail you cannot beat staccato screening.  Conventional screening uses round dots and screen angles. Staccato printing utilizes random dot placement and various dot sizes, allowing the reproduction to be closer to the original image. The result is smoother skin tones, finer details, elimination of moirés, and a 15% wider color gamut. Of course we can also print conventional screening when it best suits the project's needs.

Digital Retouching

We specialize in high-end retouching and compositing services. We can transform your images with the minimal amount of retouching and color correction.

This combined with our pre-press experts and G7 color matching qualified proofing services, ensure that you will have a smooth press run, with optimal color accuracy for your job.

Fulfillment and


Our end-to-end production services are complemented by our finishing and fulfillment services. We can carry out complex, high-volume projects or straight forward direct mail projects, with unmatched speed and accuracy ensuring attention to detail and quality control from start to finish.


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